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Why is the tiburon soo damn noisy? how can i make it comfortable?

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I've had my tib for 3 years now, in the begining i was interested in modding and tuning and whatever. But now i just want a smooth comfortable ride. Something that is annoying me is how noisy it is inside the car when driving at higher speeds. Do you guys experiance the same thing? Would be cool if you could make it as smooth a mercedes :) All the noise makes the car feel soo cheap. Also some things are rattling, the plastic over the guages, i fixed that with some tape, and the rearview mirror was also rattling, fixed that with some tissues :) Do any of you have any tips/tricks on how to make the ride more comfortable, any DIY's?
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Tear everything apart and lay down as mug Dynamat as you can. Cover everything. I saw a Tib done that way once and it was SOLID! Not a noise. It also looked lowered for all the extra weight it was carrying.
I had that issue.. i just jumped into an older car with more rattles and squeeks for a week. When i jumped back in the tib i was happy again :D

If that only makes you happy for a while... try using sound deadening mats or some spray on TAR or sound deadener in the cavities behind the trims.
let us not forget that these are not mercedes or any of ur high end auto makers. dont get me wrong, i am most impressed with the build quality of my car, esp when i paid 6,000 $ for a car with 40k miles 3 years ago. i havent had a single major mechanical problem. but it is what it is, a small cheap car. that leads to lots of cabin sounds and rattles that just show up. just try to find where rattles come from and tighten something if it can be done or go to work with some tape. :bandit: however, if u find that u have alot of exhaust sound comming from the back try some carpet pad. i work at lowes in flooring and thought i would give i a shot. i used the thin stuff (its called 6LB carpet pad) and put it right above my spare in the trunk and on the back side of any of the plastic panels that i could make it fit in and it made it alot better. that stuff is real cheap (1.50 a foot) its a good cheap fix to cabin noise.
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That sounds like a good idea ill try to get some of this carpet and lay it down in different places. Its a great car, just that this noise makes it feel so cheap.

What plastic panels do you mean mello01tib?

The dynamats, you say cover everything? do you mean to open like the door panels and stuff it in there?
open ur hatch and start yankin man.their are a few bolts on the plastic panel that covers the back of ur trunk. other than that its mostly held on by plastic clips. the panels on top also just snap in so all u have to do is give them a good pull and off they come. i had a rattle in my back hatch window and i ended up taking everything down to the metal trying to find it. i put it all back together in like 20 min on a lunch break at work. its not too bad.
Dam you find that car noisy ? try an accent for 5 years lol :p when i was stepping on the gaz i felt like the dash was gonna come of :S

i only have one noise in the tib and it's the metal Deflector for the sunroof :/ anyone know a way to correct that problem ? there was a rubber thing at first but it's as came of :/
that was the #1 complaint with the tiburons when they were first released, its not just from old age.
only noise I have comes from inside the passenger seat.. if I put something on the seat, it goes away.
Originally posted by xxxmonoxidechild
that was the #1 complaint with the tiburons when they were first released, its not just from old age.
what was the #1 complain ?.... the noise all around ?
from inside the passenger seat? haha guess everyone has their own little rattle problems with the tiburon. i've had soo many rattles that i've had to fix, the most annoying one must have been the plastic covering the guage meters rattlin', and the cup holders.

side question do you guys also have those sunglass holders? did you ever find any good uses for it?
Originally posted by BarMan
Dam you find that car noisy ? try an accent for 5 years lol :p [/body]
You should try a 1st gen excel for 11 years.. the tib was SO quiet it was scarey.

Sunglass holders? My tib doesn't have those.
Tibby01 dynamatted his entire tib, you should hit him up. I am considering doing the same thing. My borhter-in-law used stick on ducting insulation from Lowes and it reduced a lot of road noise in his car. The Tiburon is RIDICULOUSLY loud......I can't even have a cell phone conversation in it.

Undercoating helped a little, but I think that insulation on all of the metal surfaces and on the backs of all the panels that don't touch the floor/cabin would be a good idea.

The Tiburon isn't a Mercedes, but that does not mean it can't be as quiet as one with a little work and a small budget.

Good tires are important. The suspension seems to be fine, a lack of insulation is the main problem.
I agree, if you mod a tiburon to be faster than a porsche you should be able to mod it to be as luxurious as a benz.

Do you think going around the car tightening screws and bolts will make a difference?
Tightening bolts and what not might help with some rattles, but not with the overall noise level.
The noise I get is the vibration of the passenger seatbelt clip against the center console.
I'm gonna try and put one of those sticky circular dots on it.
A LOT of the noise comes from the front end, from the tires on the road, wind noise and the engine. I commute to work every day, mostly highway miles.....and at 70 to 75 mph, the engine is screaming. If anyone was to ever attempt to soundproof their car, I'd start there. Put some extra undercoating in the wheel wells, soundproofing on the floor and as much of the firewall as possible.

it definately helped a bunch, but you can still hear road noise, plus my exhaust is loud as ****. to give you an idea though, i can barely hear a faint noise from inside when the car is cranking. you actually have to listen or you dont even notice it when turning the key. i didnt do the firewall either, it would of been way to much of a pain in the ass.
Originally posted by BlackTibby
I commute to work every day, mostly highway miles.....and at 70 to 75 mph, the engine is screaming.
Screaming? A manual tib at 70 mph is only a little over 3 grand on the tach.. I do not consider that "Screaming"
My Tib is not that noisy from the engine and has only wind noise when I go over 105 mp/h (170 Km/h) but i still do have alot of tyre noise... How would I fix that?
I don't want to sacrifice to much weight by installing a load of sound mats.
Also I had a rear boot rattle - I treated the rubbers with a silicon spray and Whoila gone is the rattle.
Only thing that I could do with the sunglass holder on mounted on the roof was store my credit cards in there. Anything harder or stiffer WILL rattle...
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