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Will the gearbox from 96-00 2.0 Elantra fit to Scoupe turbo?

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Just found myseself a betabox from elantra but does it fit to Scoupe GT?
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yeah i have checked it out and might do it before winter. youll need the beta shifter and cables, and the bolts to hold the box to the block will need to be custom because the holes on the tranny are for 17mm bolts and the threads on the 1.5 block are 14mm so they would need to be stepped bolts. along with a pull type clutch and slave cylinder but getting the bolts machined would probabla be the hardest part. the clutch will bolt up to your flywheel though and the mounting points on the tranny/block are the same!
Yeah I have the whole box from elantra with just 18k driven.

thanks about replies.

I still would need the stronger clutch because I'm doing 215bhp and 275nm torque here and preventing the whole box to be destroyed.
So what kind of bolts I would require? It looks like impossible to bolt this to block because even the holes doesn't match.
I would say you have to machine a bell housing or adapt the one from the Alpha engine... sometimes you can just use a plate.... because the bellhousing usually bolts to the tranny pretty easily...
found a rally-shop who can help =)
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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