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Well, it is getting close to that time of year were Winged Warrior opens the registration for an racing event for an excellent cause. Bob and I were selected for the event last year and if I get selected again, this would be my third one of the four.

This is the site link:

Here is some information posted on the forums there; but it gives you an introduction of what to expect.

"Here is some of the "EVENT INFORMATION".

As some may know, and for those who don't, this event is for the kids at Riley Hospital for Children-Here in Indianapolis. For whatever reason, those kids were dealt a bad blow early on in their lives, and because of that, we are coming together, as an automobile community, to roll up our sleeves, tighten the chin-strap on our helmets, and go out there and RIP IT UP on the track, and raise a lot of money for those kids!!

Here is how we are going to spend the day:

It is an Import vs Domestic Shootout/Speed Challenge, to see "Who has what", in terms of strait-line acceleration, braking, cornering, and overall handling the event tasks given them. This year we are changing the events a bit, to keep it EXCITING to both Participate in, and to WATCH!! The pace and events will be fast, and will be the most fun you can have, and you should go home at the end of the day, with a warm heart, and a grin that won't wipe off!!

Number of cars: The field will be the BIGGEST YET! Registration will be open for a couple months, to get everyone who wants to compete, a change to enter the "pool" of participants. Teams will be selected at that time, to be evenly matched, in their classes.

Racing Events:

1. Auto-x.
2. Drag race
3. Slalom
4. Car show for Racers: Your car will be parked and judged and scored. This is your "break time" to go look around/eat/take in the cars in the GENERAL car show, etc...

This is a "TEAM" effort, whereas cars compete for points for their respective "teams".(Team USA and Team IMPORT).

There will also be individual battles. Your Team USA class, will be pitted against the same class on the Team IMPORT side! We will award trophies to each class 1st/2nd/3rd.

The Car/Motorcycle/race car/exotic/truck show will be going on the grounds at the same time, and there will be LOTS of trophies/Prizes there as well, plenty of Vendors, food drink and more fun on that side as well. If you are considering Vending/Sponsoring, let us know as the spaces are filling up.

This is just an update on how we are running things for this event, and how things are going to work out for this year.

The FRIDAY preceding the drop of the green flag on race day, we will be having our TECH inspection at O'Reilly Raceway Park for the cars selected to compete in the WWIV. We will also be allowing some Test and Tune on the DRAGS that evening as well. Track will be open till Midnight, the day before our event."

I will have this posted on all the Hyundai forums I usually post. If you feel to post it on others, please fill free to. Last year we raised over 15k if I remember correctly, Bob might remember the exact total.

But all in all, it is a BLAST. I stayed at Bob's house for the night before, we had a bon fire and drank some BEERS. Bob, how about we do that again??? :)

Chat it up guys! Hope we get a big amount of Hyundai Representing what we all work so hard on!!! Last year it was just Bob and myself doing our best :)

ps: mods, I could not find a general place for this thread so everyone would know about it. Can you help me out with that, or is this a good spot.
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