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Hey, can anyone tell me how to wire this up, i have 2 12" Alpine Type E's And im using the old Rockford Fosgate 400x4 Trans.ana, my Headunit is a KDC-x591 Kenwood Excelon. Now, i have a basic idea on what to do. I guess tell me if im wrong.

My Idea:
1) Power Cable connected to positive on Battery, runs to fuse holder, then through firewall, into trunk.
2) RCA's Go Into the Females on the KDC-x591 Head unit, labled "Subwoofer" and runs on the oppisite side as the power cord, into trunk.
3) Tap into the remote wire on back of head unit, run to trunk
4) Plug the power cable, into the B+ area.
5) Plug RCA's into Front Females on amp
6) Plug Remote into Remote area on amp
7) Run ground cable from GND on amp, to screw, or somewhere to ground it.

I think i got all that right, check me incase

My question finally starts:
Since i have 2 Alpine Type E's that are 4 ohms a peice, Do i connect the speaker wire Making it a 2-Channel Stereo Operation, or should i have it 2-Channel Mono Operation?

Please let me know as soon as possible as i will hopefully be wiring it tommorrow. Thanks!!

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