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The previous owner of my 01 accent cut the radio wiring harness insted of getting an adaptor,now it dosent work, he said that the clock and a couple of other lights had stopped working after he cut it also. does anyone know what to do? should i try to get a new harness or does someone have a wiring diagram:cry:
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It has some stuff on it but its anyway
A new harness would be the easy try a junkyard, or you could try and hook the radio up without.

I'm gonna say the other things stopped working because a fuse blew.

If you don't feel up to fixing the harness I would try your local audio dealer they should be able to help you.
I found a diagram on a computor program called mitchell repair wired it all up and it works fine. thanks for the help though guys.:)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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