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Yeah..that's some really good airbrush work. That's the crazy stuff I do to cars. I have a full photo album of people's cars and trucks that I've done stuff like that too. That dragon is very similiar to what I did on my buddy's Del Sol. Except the dragon is blue. I made the dragon coming out of the hood, and his claws coming out the fenders. He bought the paint, and I did it free of charge. Took me 4 days total to complete it.

I absolutely love doing stuff like that. I've never been the greatest artist when it comes down to designing my own stuff, but if you have a picture, or draw what you want done, I can airbrush or paint it perfectly! <img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>

This is also a good example of a suicide hood. Another fun mod I love to do. I was going to do it to my Tib, but decided to hold off. I still have the schematics and the brackets to do it. I'll probably end up selling the brackets and doing it to some other person's Tib.

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