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Most of my co-worker's are lead footed driver's after finishing their run's and when i sometime's meet up with them on the's Get to the store first!!

as you GS only has a UR pulley and a CAI with a bypass valve fro AEM,

so we meet at Heathcote Rd and he spot's me and trie's to pass me in his 1997 corolla which has a 2.0L..he gun's it and i try to keep u in 4th but it's took weak and i shift to 3rd...
i'm pulling from him strongly and he watch's helplessy and he has his foot planted on the auto 2.0L

by the time I was at top gear..the gap has widened to 2 Car length's...

and boy i thought my intake was gonna cause unwanted attention but the bypass valve kept it hushed...
and now he's gonna get revenge in his MK3 supra with a stage 3 turbo..uh-oh..

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