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Workin on the moonroof

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I have been workin on my 98 tiburon se for a while now and i have decided to take care of the weather stripping fallin off my moonroof. i looked through a couple manuels and none of them said how to take the moonroof off i tried leavin it on and workin on the weather stripping but u bassicly have to take the whole thing off to put the stripping on evenly. if anyone has and advice or knows how to take the moonroof off let me know it will save me some time thank u
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I have an 01 and I tried looking at mine because they are most likely built the same...I couldnt find anything either. Try a Haynes manuel (if you can find one at your local parts store) I work for a parts store and cant find the manuel for the tib...We have them for the sonata tho :dead:
yeah i have a haynes manual for a tiburon and it shows nothin about it. I got the old shitty weather stripping off but havin a hell of a time findin a place around here that has any sort of weather stripping that may work.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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