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WTB: 2001 Tiburon Muffler

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Hey All, I'm looking to buy a used muffler for my Tibby. I've had an aftermarket on for too long and I'm just getting tired of it. Unfortunately the aftermarket i bought forced me to cut off the existing muffler and weld the new one on.
I'm looking for a muffler that has the flange that connects it to the rest of the exhaust system still attached so I can just swap them out without having to have it welded on.
Please let me know how much you want for it shipped my zip is 90631. I prefer FedEx or UPS over regular post office shipping.

Thanks Very Much!
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I have one with the tip cut off to fit new tips ( can include a bunch of tips.)

Has the pipe and flange.

$30 plus shipping

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looks kinda alright, just a few questions...
Are the bolts rusted tight on there or will I be able to pop them out easily?
The "tips" that you mentioned, how many are there and do they need to be welded on or do they just screw attach.
Honestly the only thing that I'm a little wary about is how rusted it is, it looks like its gonna be a PITA to get it connected well enough so that it doesn't start leaking.

Thanks for the pics I really appreciate it.

Also, do you have an idea about what the shipping costs would be? Thanks again

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