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99 Accent GS
5-Speed M
106.7k on odometer

TenzoR Type2K muffler w/ removable silencer
35% tint
reartop spoiler
car bra
tail light blackouts
15inch pacer silver 5star rims

I owe 5k to the bank for it :)

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Tom, there's a turbo S-Coupe here in Vegas going for $1000 with a spun bearing. I'm sure you'll, uh, be "fixing" the motor so if you're interested let me know and I'll get you more info on it.

It's basically the same 1.5L as the Accent, but it has piston squirters and low compression pistons already.

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That's tempting. I dunno about the S-Coupe tho. Never was much on the design of the car.

If you can get a pic and year of the car that would be great. Hmmm....spun bearing. Not exactly the most driveable. :)

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14,257 Posts car will be for sale very soon... for 5k actually. if you werent in texas id happily sell you it, unlesss you are willing to drive up here to get it. but my car is definatley for sale.

97 accent gs
vw yellow paint
kore intake
front and rear strut bar
17" tecnomagnesio sports (extra for rims)
h&r springs
arospeed muffler
kore plug wires
bosch paltinum 4 plugs
pioneer head unit
clear corners
35% tint all around
wings west thruster wing
86k miles
no real major engine work ever done
corbeau seats also if you want them extra...

email me at [email protected]
pics w/ old rims and no seats at

I drive a bumble bee
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