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WTB A/c Equipment for LC accent

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I'm starting to add bolt on's to put a/c on my car because i just can't take the hot sticky weather anymore while on delivery's

i already bought and instead the Beta II compressor and plugged it in with the 1.6L harness

here's what i need,
A/C Line's for LC accent..outlet high and inlet low
A/C condensor..the radiator looking thingy that sit's behind the radiator but is more slim
another thing is the thing that stick's into the plastic blower duct which is locate next to the blower..the turbine looking thing with a motor that pumps air into the interior vents,it's located between the interior firewall an the exterior engine bay firewall.
i also need the A/C Fan and i need the A/C switch that goe's on the dash bezel.

i'll pay a reasonanble preice for all of these..i just need a better price than the junkyard and the dealership.

If someone with a A/C LC got into a accident..let me know if it can be parted out

I'll throw my box of part in it too if it can help the price
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I have a LC a/c fan I will sale you?
sure, i'll buy it, anything else you're willing to sell?

i know you can't live without your precious a/c..
let me know when you'll be available..i could've came today but
i was busy at the junkyard

I also wonder if silver01accent is willing to sell the a/c on his accent's if they do come with a/c.

give me a good price on the fan
i have the hole system off an elantra if it will work for you then i'll be glad to sell it to ya
$20 for the fan. You know my cell # hit me up when u want to get the fan from me.
Originally posted by danwagon
i have the hole system off an elantra if it will work for you then i'll be glad to sell it to ya

can yo be a little specific on what year it is?
j1 j2 xd?

if it's the j serie's..i find them plenty in the junkyard

I'll call ben today and try to get the fan if i have time..if not..maybe tommorow.
its a 99 wagon well i am not going to use mine any more and is in perfect condition so just let me know if you want the condenser and stuff like that i can give it to ya cheap
thanks for the offer, but the a/c line's and the condensor have to be for a lc accent, if ya'll dont' have it i'll go to the junkyard where there are hordes of J2's lying around
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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