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WTB: Beta 1 2.0 flywheel

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well Im in the middle of my beta swap and it seems nobody in canada has a fricken 2.0 litre flywheel! or they want 100 bucks for a used flywheel, seems rediculous to me. anyway if anyone has a flywheel they'll let go of cheap, and preferably but necassarly in ontario, id appreciate it.

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I have a stock flywheel (name a price- i have to check again but i think its new) or a brand new light wieght flywheel (10lbs) for $270.00 canadian
sweet! I was hoping for not more then 20 bucks for a used one, but if its new then i can understand a higher price. hmm....the lightweight flywheel sounds kinda appetizing...where are you located? Im in the GTA. call me if you can please.
647-401-2598. thanks!


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