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Anyone know where I can pickup a scoupe turbo for cheap? no automatic! I'm really looking for a new project car, and have always loved the scoupes. (preferable the 2-door)

I've even searched auytotrader but they don't say whether it is a turbo or not

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hmm i do not think scoupes ever came in 4 door.... anyway

my scoupe has almost pissed me off to the point where im gonna sell it. i dont wanna bother returning the engine back to the junkyard in NYC (and pulling it out ALL myself again) but basically i still cant get compression in cyl#1. dont get your hopes up too much but if youre still in the market and i dont have it fixed by the time it starts snowing then ill probably be inteersted in letting it go. hopefully i will have it fixed this weekend or at least have the exact problem diagnosed but if not im either paying for someone to look at it or just flat out selling it. just to list what it would come with:
84xxx miles on the clock

used 39k engine from yard
original head with about 83k on it
new head with about 2,000 miles on it- very clean still
timing belt that was used maybe 200 miles
super duty oil cooler (flex-a-lite just like in hp store)
at least 2 new all season tires and 2 studded snow tires for winter
new water pump- never installed yet
has UR underdrive crank pulley
drilled front rotors
freshly cleaned engine bay, block etc ;):
freshly flushed (multiple times lol) oil, tranny fluid, and gearbox oil
clutch with about 5,000 on it
new stock shocks (about 5,000 miles)
votgland lowering springs- i think a 1.2" drop
new headlight bulbs
fart-cannon muffler (there when i got it) and stock exhaust piping otherwise
new drivers side lower balljoint, maybe 1,000 miles on it
*new turbo with about 7,000 on it*
also another box of parts that came when i got the car, some really random stuff like some used pistons and rods, spare both headlights, a downpipe, remote trunk popper assembly, some other stuff i cant think of offhand.


no pulley for the AC- cannot guarantee that its charged cold but the compressor and everything si in place and spind freely.
starter doesnt like to engage on the flywheel in cold weather. sometimes takes ~12 tries. seems to only be in the cold.
shifter cable has some broken strands on the tranny side by the linkage- but still works.
i dropped one foglight in a bucket of oil- will need to be taken apart and cleaned so theyre not installed (not my priority right now)
rear bumber cracked
front bumper pass side mount is busted (wire tied so that you cannot notice it from the outside). i did this backing it off the u-haul dolly- other than that the front bumper is BRAND NEW and even unpainted X)

as you can see besides not having compression in #1 its pretty solid less the bodywork. i was considering getting a new shift cable but teh dealer wants close to $200 for it, i was just holding out till i find one used.

again maybe i just need a new head gasket i dunno. ill definitely let you know what happens just shoot me an email to remind me. this has been going on for too long and if i cant fix it, basically stephanie wants enough $$$ to go buy a new car. i just paid $450 for the 39k engine and then she dropped the manifold and broke the compressor housing of the 39k turbo so thats dead but the other one is newer anyway. and if it goes if you want you can have the old block if you want but its pretty stripped less the 3 useable piston/rod assys, flywheel, and the hole in the block :dead:

email me and remind me to get pics this weekend if you want to see it. i know steph doesnt really want this car particularly (she just needs a car) but i do love it. it all comes down to if i can get it driveable or not before winter, and that she can get enough $ to get some wheels to get her around for winter. or close to it. after it was all said and done i paid about $800 for the car and put probably close to $500 in the parts, tires, etc and then $450 for this 39k engine. shoot me an email at my hotmail acct.


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E-mail sent buddy! :D
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