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WTF gearbox, plz help asap

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so decided to change my oil in my manual transmission (98 x3). took the wheel off and opened the drain plug....nothing comes out :puzzled:

open the filler hole and about 500ml of fluid drains from the filler plug...nothign else...

how do i get the rest out....i take it the drain plug is blocked? any ideas and one experienced this before? heard of this before?

asap help car is outa action
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I can't say for sure, but you probably have most of your fluid left. You need to goto a dealer or other mechanic and have them flush the transmition. They use a machine for this, so I don't think it is a DIY.
I had a similar problem and found out what I was loosinening wasn't the drain plug.

Is this the bolt your taking out?

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there are 2 drain plug's..or 1 inlet and 1 outlet plug

the drain plug is located on the right side of the tranny
inlet plug is located on front side of tranny
awesome diagram :)
yeah a mate of mine (aprentice mechanic) pointed to the other one (near the inlet) hence nothing coming out...turns out anyway the box was nearlly empty. there is a crack in the tranny casing, some mate.

ah well...i guess it was time i got that chewed "2nd" syncro ring a tranny swap it is...
thanks for the help...awesome diagram again
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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