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X1 Excel suggested ignition timing

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Hi guys,

Seeing I don't know too much about this stuff I'd figure I'd post here so the higher-ups don't go mad at me 8D

I have a '88 X1 Excel (carb) that just seems to be getting a little sluggish on power, and believe the timing may need readjusting as it no longer pings on 92RON fuel (it was originally tuned for 95RON when I had the initial work done to it). Now from my (very limited) knowledge of mechanical issues, I believe the compression ratio of this engine is 9.5:1 which seems very high when compared to other, more common cars running on ULP. Naturally the engine isn't the most potent, and combined with the high chassis weight of the X1 series the power isn't that great in any case, hence why I initially had it tuned for 95RON fuel.

Now my question is, would there be an advantage getting the timing adjusted for 98RON fuel? I don't mind paying the extra few cents per litre for it, if the difference will be tangible (the difference between 92RON and 95RON certainly was). Any opinions gratefully accepted :)

Thanks guys!
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Bumping the timing a few degress shouldnt hurt, depending on what you had it set at before. Of course, you could buy a timing light and do the adjustment yourself, bumping the timing in 2* increments to see what feels better, worse, and when you've gone too far.
Thanks skierd! :)

Hyundai claim that the car should run satisfactory on 92RON ULP, but when I got the car it pinged like a pachinko arcade on that (possibly due to deposits), so got it tuned to 95RON PULP and it was fine (that was 3 1/2 years ago). As of late it's lost power, and 92RON no longer causes the engine to ping, plus economy is down which makes me wonder if it's time to have the timing readjusted. Also could the fuel filter be clogged? City cycle has dropped from 8L/100KM to 8.9L/100KM which is a big drop given current fuel prices.

Another question, it seems to run beautifully on E5 PULP, but it's a little unhappy on an E10 mix - is this just the carburettor not liking a higher ethanol concentration?

Thanks again guys - much appreciated! :duh:

[EDIT:] On Thursday night the car started spluttering and surging which to me sounded like fuel. Got the courage on Friday to change the fuel filter (remember I know next to nothing!!!) and it seems to have resolved some issues (it doesn't surge, and is easier to start), but the lack of power and fuel inefficiency remain. Just hoping that it is the ignition timing which the mechanic should be able to sort out for me.

Once again, any more replies welcome :duh:

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Mechanic finally had a spare spot, and found that the second butterfly in the carburettor isn't working, which more than likely will explain the fuel consumption and lack of power. He doesn't repair them anymore, but booked in next week at a place that can do it for me. Also found a leaky Welsh plug on the back of the engine, but that will have to wait for another day (the whole manifold will likely have to be removed due to terrible access).

The timing hasn't moved, still 10 degrees BTDC as opposed to 4 degrees standard. From other online resources I've found that the 4G15 engine requires 95RON fuel at 10 degrees, so that should be fine. Fingers crossed that the carburettor repair fixes things - hopefully just the diaphragm needs replacing and not a full rebuild :duh:
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