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Hello all.

I have a moderately interesting situation here. I have a pretty beaten up 89 Excel which is being modified for a competition. I have no money, but plenty of tools ;)

I am hoping I can swap the existing 1.5 sohc carby for something along the lines of a 1.8 or 2.0 carby, but i havet been able to find much info. Everything i have found on this site so far is EFI. If we have to mash up some new motor mounts that wont be too bad, but any new motor MUST bold up to the gearbox. I simply dont have enough time to be pissing about with driveshafts and shift linkages and etc.

So, is there anything out there thats a straight swap for me?

Also, can someone tell me how i work out what engine i have at the moment? I gather it might be a 4G15 which would make my swap options easier, but I havent yet found an engine number anywhere...
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