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X3 engine mounts

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Bought em when first came out about a month, two or so, put them on yesterday. Highly recommend these they make the car feel great at initial accel and solid all the way through the gears.
Easy install on my 97 Front: unbolt the mount, remove fan and slide out mount.

Rear: unbolt mount, remove bolts from crossmember at rear, pull down enough to slide mount out and new one in.
Do one at a time, reverse for install and torque! I used one of haynes for reference. Took about 30 minutes.

Next fix my exhaust leak....

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These are great1 I've had them for about 3 weeks. Big differance on the shifting when running it hard. plus a lot less pulling on intial accel. Well worht the purchase. Looking at getting the full body bushing kit.
do you notice a lot of vibration with the new motor mounts?
not alot. The benefits are great.:)
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