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x3 headlight aiming

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Ok I want to fix the headlight aim on my x3. FYI this car didnt come with an owners manual. Can someone tell me how to aim the headlights? Please explain it clearly. It is getting annoying I thought it was just bad bulbs that I was getting poor lighting. After changing the headlights I found out that the aim was so horrible. Its aimed high and it is not centered. I have a big black gap in front of the car. Good thing I am not using this car yet.
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if u remove the hedlight u should see bolts in the back. Rotate them until u get thier were u want, atleast thats how it was my eclipse hope this helps
If you look at your headlight there are screws for both left right adjustments and up down adjustments. Pretty straight forward.

You don't need to remove anything. They are visible when you lift up your hood and can be accessed by a screwdriver.

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