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So i have an accent. it's been in a minor accident and had it's hood and front bumper replaced :(. i still love it, though.

however, beyond the ugly two tone colour (the hood and bumper are green and the rest is silver, due to second hand parts), it has developed a hole in the header, which is fairly loud. it also needs to pass emissions so that would have to be fixed.

now, i just picked up an automatic (mine is a 5 speed) x3 with almost all the same options for 150 bucks. this car is in much better condition than mine cosmetically, and mechanically. only thing is, it's automatic.

I want to swap the auto tranny out and put my 5 speed in. i have the haynes manual, a bit of know-how and some friends who would help. i might also have a friend helping that is a mechanic, but he doesn't live too close by.

does anyone have any websites/walkthroughs/threads i could read about doing this? has anyone done this before and have any tips or suggestions?
is it worth my time at all? (i don't have a ton of money to get a shop to do it)
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