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I have a used Xbox that is is terrific shape. I have the orginal box, and all the manuals and instructions. I bought before I moved to Canada last year, and I just don't play it as much as I should. Sooooo This is what I have..

1 Xbox Console. I just replaced the CD drive with a newer/better drive. There was nothing wrong with the original drive, I just thought I was going to put a mod chip in mine, and the new drive was supposedly better for that.

2 Controllers. One Xbox Controller S (The smaller Microsoft controller)
One third party controller. (Has a turbo button!! w00t!!)

The Xbox Live Communicator headset maybe used 10 times (40 dollars (CDN) new)

3 games: Fable and SegaGT Online and Halo 2

Memory Card for saving games to play at other's house.

As you may know, the Xbox has an onboard hard drive, so you don't NEED the memory card, but if you ever want to bring game files to a buddy's house, this lets you do that..

This Xbox is in great shape. I have worked on a few of them, so there is no need to be alarmed at the fact I replaced the CD drive. I know what I am doing.. 8D

I am looking to get 150 USD for everything. Or, make an offer. Please do not Low Ball me, but I will move on the price if no one is interested.

Please contact me here, MSN me (M_Portiss (AT) hotmail .com) No span, please!
Or email me at the same address..

Thanks in advance!!

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