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I rearended a nice pearl white 2000 Honda Prelude last thrusday in rush hour traffic. The left side of the bumper dented in 4 inches and the bumper cover broke out words and back on that side. The left corner of the hood got a little dent and the left quarter panel dented it. My bodyshop tells me the damage costs $2100!!! I check blue book and the car is worth $1300. My insurance company is going to say "Sorry the damage is more than the value of the car. We're gonna have to total it." I drove it 400 miles on friday and saturday and I still get 40 miles to the gallon. No leaks, the engine runs fine. It still is a perfect car. With a minor dent. If my insurance company sides with me that the car is ok they'll probably cut me a check the car and I'll get it fixed. If that happens. I'm ordering a Erebuni fron bumper for the same price as a replacement bumper. If that doesn't happen, then I'm going to have to find another way to fix it.

The good news so far is that I have a prospect 91 light blue metallic clearcoat excel 4 blocks down the road abandoned that I'm in the process of finding the owner and acquiring! So that makes me happy!

Timothy Zacher
1991 Excel Evo II Rally Project
#346 N
Des Moines, WA
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